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    You Stand on It. We Stand by It.

    You’ve got 16 subs to manage. A cold front is moving in. The owner added a fourth floor and the move-in date is non-negotiable.

    “Construction management is for the fainthearted,” says nobody ever.

    When it comes to the crews you rely on, you need carelessness like you need a hole in your head. This rings truer for concrete than any other aspect of construction. Tiny flaws can cause huge problems.

    You have one chance to make a building that holds up to the highest standards, and that starts with firm foundations.

    You need pros and team-players who sweat the details. Who respect your budget. Who can handle concrete in any form from footers to elevated decks. And you’ll get the most value from a leader who cares about the people grinding away on the job today as well as those who will use the finished product tomorrow.

    Silverback Concrete is here for all of it.

    We’re a family-led team of heavy-concrete specialists. We build commercial structures for contractors who expect unrivaled quality.

    We deliver unfailing strength for every building because we care more, plain and simple.

    You stand on it.
    We stand by it.
    We’ve got your back.

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    Stability is what we deliver. Concrete is simply how we do it.

    Concrete & Steel. Precision & Grit.

    High quality. High safety.
    No compromises.

    The raw and human materials of our craft are simple yet powerful when put to good use. Through time-tested know-how, exacting standards and rugged workmanship, we pour and finish structures that can weather any storm.

    We pride ourselves on accurate layout, superb finishing and rigorous detail down to the tightest of tolerances.

    Visit our Services page to learn about Silverback’s full range of capabilities and equipment.

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    What Clients Say

    “Silverback offers a depth of experience and the manpower needed to meet all expectations of contract documents and schedules. We recommend them for any structural concrete work, both horizontal and vertical. They’re a good friend to Foresight and have contributed to our success for many years. If you don’t know Frank personally, I suggest getting to know him – he’s a genuinely great guy!”

    Scott Gattshall, Foresight Construction Group

    “Silverback Concrete has poured and finished concrete for us in Atlanta, Las Vegas and Branford, Florida. Two of those jobs demanded long hours each day in extreme heat, while severe cold and snow persisted in another. In each case, Frank’s team and equipment stood up to the task, seven days a week, with no delays.”

    Jason Merchant, Morris Shea Bridge

    “The Silverback team demonstrates reliability, trustworthiness, and most of all dependability. They are on time, qualified operators with a vast knowledge of work systems being applied. Frank Stankunas treats us like family.”

    Bill Pope, Encore Construction

    “Silverback has successfully built several post-tension slabs and foundations for Viking Construction. They always staff our jobs with the right people. They’ve proven to be knowledgeable, professional and dedicated.”

    Troy Ely, Viking Construction