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    Unfailing Strength
    for Every Building

    Higher Purpose Is Our Superpower.

    Rest Easy.
    Finish on Time.

    Some concrete companies specialize in one kind of terrain. Or they compete by racing to the bottom. At Silverback, we deliver rock-steady solutions from hilltops and hollows to marshlands and coasts. And we do it with safety and speed so you can rest easy and finish on time.

    We work smart, clean and tight. Always taking ownership. Never cutting corners. Never off the mark. Building with care and purpose.

    No matter the job, we’ve got your back. Build on us and build for generations.

    See Our Work

    Built by

    Silverback has been a family business from day one. In November 1996, Frank Stankunas founded Stankunas Concrete. His father, Frank Sr., joined the team in 1999 after retiring from positions as superintendent of Suwannee County Schools and principal of Lakewood High School in North Florida.

    During high school, Frank’s three sons began working every Saturday setting up job sites and performing odd jobs. Today, all three Stankunas boys work in construction, and Frank III (Trace) and Hayden Stankunas are full-time members of the Silverback team.

    The common thread in all three generations has been a love of hard work and the simple pleasure of being outside every day. Our greatest satisfaction comes from the knowledge that when a building is finished and people move in, they stand on a firmly-built, rock-solid foundation.

    Meet the Team

    Frank and Trace Stankunas, at home in their element.

    Our Network & Certifications

    Memberships & Certifications

    • American Society of Concrete Construction (ASCC)
    • Post Tension Institute
    • Mexico Orphanage Mission
    • Foster Florida
    • Florida Farm Bureau
    • MSHAW Certified
    • OSHA Certified

    The Last Word

    “What I stand for is what I stand on.”

    — Wendell Berry

    All creatures need stability underfoot and shelter overhead. And we all need green spaces. Clean air. Untouched nature.

    Can we make durable buildings and protect the Earth at the same time? We think so. At Silverback, we understand the environmental impact of materials like concrete and steel, and with every project we aim to build as efficiently as possible. We believe the best way to build is not for maximum size, but for balance and longevity. Architecture has been heading this direction for some time. We’re up for the challenge.

    This is why we work smart, minimize waste and build to last. Because when it comes to sustainability, we believe staying power has the last word.