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    River to Ridge.
    Marsh to Coast.

    Our Services

    Whether your site’s on the Blue Ridge or in the middle of a swamp, Silverback will build to suit the terrain.

    We specialize in industrial and commercial concrete work including ready mix, paving, tilt-wall construction and post-tension slabs for unsuitable soils. We’ve built parking garages, mid-rises and apartment complexes.

    As a full-service concrete contractor, Silverback can handle anything from 800,000 square foot warehouses to residential slabs. We meet and exceed the tolerances required for buildings that need to last for generations.

    Our clients range across the Southeast. Their needs vary widely but every one of them expects concrete that can weather any storm.

    When multiple contractors are on the job, mistakes are inevitable. We believe in the old adage of measuring twice and cutting (or pouring) once. But even seasoned craftspeople make mistakes. How we respond is what matters. We take ownership and fix our mistakes with no upcharges or hidden fees.

    When working with Silverback, you can expect the utmost integrity and honesty. Deep knowledge of best practices and standards. A pleasant and personal experience. And we’re known for finishing on or even ahead of schedule.

    Silverback Concrete trucks

    From Thousands of Yards to Backyards

    For special mixtures and exact quantities, Silverback’s ready mix is your best friend. Our volumetric trucks serve commercial and residential clients in North and Central Florida.

    Dispensing concrete in precise amounts allows us to be more agile and responsive. You’ll save money and avoid waste. There’s no need to hire separate subcontractors for preparation and delivery. Our team can handle both tasks to perfection.

    We offer both large rock and small rock mixes for any application. Each of our volumetric trucks can deliver up to ten cubic yards in a single load. We can pour a range of slumps, wet or dry – however you need it.

    Florida sinkholes? No problem. Industrial slabs? Check. From thousands of yards to backyards, we’ve got your back.

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    Concrete raw materials

    If the Job Calls for Concrete, We’ve Got You Covered.

    What We Build

    • Commercial Slabs
    • Elevated Decks
    • Paving
    • Post-Tension Slabs
    • Residential Slabs
    • Tilt-Wall Construction

    Our Equipment

    • Hydraulic Trailer Pump
    • Boom Pump
    • Excavators
    • Skid Steers
    • Volumetric Ready Mix Trucks

    Want to see how much concrete your next project will need? Enter the measurements you need and let our calculator run the numbers for you.